Thursday, March 27, 2014

Use Trello to Hire The Perfect Employee the PayPal Way

The following is an excerpt from my unofficial Trello user guide, Enter, Trello Dojo.  Check out the book for more templates, tips, and ideas for using this awesome service!  A Job Candidate Tracking Board Template that you can copy and use for your organization's hiring process can be found here.

Perhaps you find yourself  looking for the perfect employee to fit a particular role. Or, perhaps you are HR staff or hiring manager always on the lookout for great talent for your organization. Getting the right employees can be extremely difficult to say the least. PayPal uses Trello to streamline their employee hiring process. As Bill Scott, their UI Engineering director explains:

What I really like about using Trello is you can visually see the pipeline. You can assign people on the team to candidates, subscribe to candidates, or send notifications to each other about an action that needs to be taken with the talented people we find. It is really simple to move candidates through the pipeline and keep your information centered around the candidate. (Using Trello for Candidate Tracking, Bill Scott, Sr. Director UI Engineering, PayPal)

By focusing on the candidate, and flowing their card through a board where you can log your various inter- actions and even attach resumes and other supporting documents, Trello offers a really simple, inexpensive online hiring process that rivals pay solutions.

This is another case where a little automation using the board’s email address and IFTTT or Zapier can take a board to the next level. For example, you may have your IT staff forward ‘[email protected]’ to the board’s email address. When people submit their resumes via email, they’ll go straight to Trello cards with the resume attached! IFTTT or Zapier can be used to scrape RSS feeds for potential candidates, or even take in candidates from text message.