Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Spell Check for VS2005

I have horrible spelling, and I know it's crept into some of my applications. FxCop is good for catching it in code, but doesn't help you when it comes to markup inside web applications. I guess I'm a little late finding it, but Mikhail has a pretty good stab at providing this functionality via his Html Spell Check Add In for VS 2005. It does have a couple minor drawbacks. You must run the tool manually each time you want to spell check a file- none of this fancy-pants spell check in the background. (He does have a macro to check all files at once). You also can't add words via the add in- you have to go into Office and add it from there, since it uses Office's dictionary. Those aside, it works as advertised and is something I'll be using frequently. Thanks Mikhail!

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