Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sandcastle Tip

Sandcastle has come a long way from the early CTPs. It still lacks the slick GUI of good old NDoc, though 3rd party apps provide similar functionality. But really, Sandcastle is designed to be integrated into your build process. The latest CTP ships with a batch file, CompileHelp.bat, that will help you do just that, but there are a few quirks. If yours isn’t outputting any help, or if you’re getting path-related errors, check the following:
  • When supplying the assembly path, leave off “.dll”
  • Call CompileHelp with the current path set to the same folder as your assembly
So, a simple example looks like this: cd c:\projectdir\bin\release CompileHelp.bat vs2005 assemblynamewithoutdotdll

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