Monday, January 5, 2009

Check Out

Jeff Atwood and Joel Spoelsky's baby StackOverflow has developed a pretty decent user base now and has quickly become one of my favorite community resources for programming related questions.  There are a ton of .NET users, but also Java and others.   This beats the forums and blogs because of the rating system, which weeds out poor answers and questions. 

There are several ways I use StackOverflow:

  • As a knowledge base for stubborn problems that I can't solve on Google or MSDN.  Half the time I find a solution in auto-search while entering the title. 
  • As a blog-like learning resource.  The 'Hot' tab lists interesting posts and discussions.  Add the RSS feed to your reader for interesting news daily.
  • As a discussion board.  Occasionally, if I know the answer to something I'll post an answer.

Anyway, great site - check it out.

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