Wednesday, February 25, 2009

RadEditor for Usable SharePoint Wikis

SharePoint is a great product, but one area where it really lacks is in it's Rich Text Editor.  It doesn't work in anything but IE, and doesn't include an image upload feature.  With a little digging, I found this free replacement from Telerik: (ASP.NET RadEditor for MOSS Lite)

Installation is non-obvious in the normal sharepoint way:

  • Run stsadmin.exe to install a wsp
  • Deploy in central admin
  • Turn on in site settings -> site features
  • Restart IIS.

It comes with a chm help document (which if you’re using vista you’ll need to unblock to view) that outlines the steps.  To turn on for a Wiki, follow the steps in ‘Using RadEditor in List Items’, and you'll have a much more usable SharePoint Wiki!

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