Thursday, June 18, 2009

An iPhone Sketch a Day - Week 3 & 4

This post is part of an ongoing series about my daily sketches with a great little iPhone app called Brushes. You can watch my progress over on my Flickr Photo Set.

Well, my spotless painting streak ended at 2 and a half weeks.  With a busy long weekend of 12 o'clock bedtimes, followed by a cold, I managed to miss several paintings.  Still, I've done as much as I could and am hopefully getting back on track now.  A few friends have asked how exactly this works, and what better way to show than a video!



The video doesn't show all the zooming in/out and color choices, so it's obviously sped up a bit, but you can see the strokes.  I've started to recall a little bit of technique- things like working background to foreground and coming back in to edges, and so on.  I'm still trying to push myself to loosen up a  bit and go faster, but sometimes it's just too much fun to get lost in the little details of a peach or cherry.

image image image
image image image

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