Saturday, August 8, 2009

Refactoring: Adding a New Member to the Root Class

It wasn't quite as easy as right click -> refactor, but our first child, Simeon Paul Root made it into this world on August 4th at 1:32am, right on his due date.  According to the doctor, only 5% of babies actually arrive naturally on their due date- I think he was using Scrum in utero. He certainly has all the features we could want, and is running great in his new environment.  Though we each contributed about %50 in terms of lines of code, my wife did all of the difficult deployment work and really gets all the credit for carrying the project into production.

Welcome into the world, Simeon - we love you and are glad you're finally here!


A few more pictures are available here.


Susan Cushman said...

I love it. This is one of the few posts on your blog that I can actually understand:-)Congrats!!!

Divcom Software said...

I like the technical language in this post too. :) My congratulations!

Offtopic: can you please send me your email address that I can use to contact you? BTW, the one from whois seems to be invalid. :)

Daniel Root said...

Thanks! I'll have to look into the whois info. I'm available at danieljroot at gmail dot com.