Thursday, January 23, 2014

3 IFTTT Recipes To Spice Up Your Trello Boards

The book I’m writing - Enter, Trello Dojo - is all about using the awesome todo-list-and-so-much-more service Trello to be more productive at home and work.  One area it explores is automating Trello using tools like IFTTT and Zapier.  In the most recent update to the book, I include a handful of If This Then That recipes to automatically create cards based on various triggers.  The premise is simple:  use various triggers to email to your boards’ special email address (Found in Menu > Settings > Email Settings on every board)  Below are three IFTTT recipes that can really make your Trello boards sing.

Send Text Messages to Your Trello Boards

This is great for those times you don’t want to load up the app just to jot a quick task down.  Once this recipe is set up, simply text to your IFTTT phone number with a hashtag and IFTTT will email your board to create the card for you.  For example, you might set it up so that you can text #grocery Milk to add milk to your grocery list.  Recipe Link

Create Trello Cards on a Schedule

Want a card reminding you to do a weekly review every Friday?  Have a monthly office task that keeps getting forgotten? Use the schedule trigger to email to your board daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Recipe Link

Monitor Real Estate in Your Area to Trellofy your Home Search

House hunting service Trulia has a great hidden feature:  It lets you create RSS feeds of any search that you can then add to a feed reader, or in this case Trello.  Simply build the rss feed you want over at the Trulia RSS tool, then use the RSS trigger and Email action to send houses that match over to your house hunting Trello board.  By using a Trello board, you can then take notes, compare favorites, and archive ones that you know aren’t for you. Recipe Link

These are just a few ideas of mashups you can create in minutes to integrate various apps into Trello using IFTTT.  If you have other ideas for Trello recipes, be sure to share them in the comments below or on IFTTT with hashtag #trellodojo!


otr said...
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Unknown said...

Very helpful recipes. Especially the weekly review reminder.

Daniel Root said...

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them. Maybe one day we'll get native Trello support in IFTTT