Monday, June 1, 2009

An iPhone Sketch a Day

image Inspired by Duane Keiser and Jorge Colombo, I've been cranking out a sketch every day since last Monday on a great iPhone paint app called Brushes.  I've realized just how rusty I am, but it's really been nice to be able to sit down for a few minutes and get lost in the nuanced edges of a pepper or cloud. The Brushes user interface is quite intuitive and really disappears in your hand, so that the media is really very natural feeling.  The only limiting factor I've found is that the screen size sometimes feels a little cramped.  This is helped somewhat by a great pinch-to-zoom feature in the app, but I can't help but crave that more spacious iTablet that's bound to drop soon (or a Win 7 multitouch netbook). My favorite feature from an artist's perspective has to be the color choice.  It uses the same sort of color wheel + lightness + alpha chooser as in Photoshop or similar apps, but when painting with the subject right there, it's easy to simply roll one's finger slightly to really nail a color choice.

I've tried to keep in mind those nagging voices from studio so many years ago - I'm varying subject matter and trying to pay attention to the subtle angles and edges that make it that pepper, Kate, I swear I am.  With a baby on the way, and life what it is, I'm sure I'll have some lapses, but I'm going to try to keep up my pace here.  The slideshow to the right should get updated regularly, and I'll post some on this blog and on facebook/twitter as well.  I'm very open to critique, so please do comment or drop me a line about what works and what doesn't!

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ray said...

Do you know that your style is somehow really soothing? I like all those and the ones on Flickr as well... : )

Daniel Root said...

Glad you enjoy! I've been keeping up the one-a-day pace, and plan to post here again on Monday.