Friday, September 25, 2009

Good Fences Make Good Desktops

My wife will tell you I’m no organization zen master, but I do occasionally dabble in the organizational arts.  I think I’ve mentioned before, I like the idea of being organized more than the actual practice.  At any rate, I found today a sweet little tool to help organize your Windows 7 or Vista desktop.  Fences, a currently free app from Stardock, lets you very quickly organize the chaos that is your desktop icons into neat little areas. For example, check out my newly organized desktop:


What’s really cool, though, is that you can hide everything just by double clicking the background, plus set any icon or fence to stay visible.  On mine, the desktop does this:


It installs with minimal fuss and even helps you get started organizing.  What a brilliant app.  If you like this app and the idea of organization, be sure to also check out Evernote.

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