Monday, July 6, 2009

An iPhone Sketch a Day - Week 6

 This post is part of an ongoing series about my daily sketches with a great little iPhone app called Brushes. You can watch my progress over on my Flickr Photo Set.

I cheated the past few days and instead of doing a new painting every day, I worked every day on a single painting, and posted progress to Flickr.  I'd hoped for some critiques and suggestions.  I didn't get as much feedback I'd hoped (thanks @real iDon't!), but this was an interesting progression anyway.  I still may go back and rework a bit, but I've submitted it to the Art-Mobile group.  Who knows - it may wind up being shown in Paris!

This week is Diego Velazquez in the Weekly Assignment group.  Valazquez is one of my favorites, so look for some in that style soon!

image image image image
image image    

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